Wildflowers at Boshack Outback


Boshack Outback is alive with colour at the moment. Walking around Lake Serene in the bush you will spot wildflowers in every direction. The flowers are in full bloom during September to November.

Western Australia has the largest wildflower collection on Earth. With more than 12,000 species, over 60% of which are found nowhere else on Earth.  In 2016 Western Australia had one of the best wildflower season we have ever seen and the colours were so vivid that they could been seen from space!

How amazing is that! To think that from space they could see all our wildflowers! Nature sure is amazing.

Spring is the perfect time to get outdoors and go in search of wildflowers. Get out there as you never know what you will find. Happy wildflower hunting!

Sustainable living at Boshack Outback

Boshack Outback is not connected to the main power and we rely on the sun. In fact we are eco-friendly, to preserve the harmony of the local habitat.

We are surrounded by pristine bushland and we want to have as little impact on the environment as possible. We are learning and adapting to live in the environment as is. Read more

Boshack Happenings

As you can imagine maintaining a 350 acre property takes a lot of work and there are always things happening. Let me take you on a journey so you can see the what we have been up to at Boshack Outback.

Vegetable Patch

Our vegetable patch needs to be cared for and maintained daily. Recently we have seen the benefits of what we have planted. Carrots and cucumbers have been plentiful and you can enjoy our homegrown goodness when you visit.

Sheep Shearing

Our sheep were due for a hair cut so we arranged for a shearer to come out and give them a shear. The shearing shed was a hype of activity and we had lots of helpers. Our staff were busy collecting the wool, throwing the fleece on the table and classing the wool.

The sheep are all set for the year with their new look.


What is a woofer you ask? WOOF stands for Willing Workers on Organic Farm. We have had many overseas tourists working on our property. It gives them a chance to learn about Australia through a cultural exchange program. We have enjoyed having them stay with us and they are getting a taste of the real Australia!


In recent times we have added some geese to our farm. They have an enormous amount of personality. They like to follow people around and are very friendly usually taking food from your hand.


We recently had a new addition to the Boshack clan. A calf was born and I can report that he is fit and healthy.

We need your help to name the calf. The best name will win 2 nights accommodation for 2 adults and 2 children.
The winning name will be pick by the staff at Boshack Outback. You can enter the competition via Facebook by clicking hereCompetition closes 14 July 2017

This is just a snippet of what goes on at Boshack Outback. There are plenty of other jobs to be done on the property and other animals to be looked after.

boshack outback perth farmstay

Things to Consider While Planning For a Farm Stay in Perth

After months of a hectic schedule, you must avail a short break with friends or family. If you are planning to visit Perth, then having a vacation at Perth farm stay is highly recommended.

This is an ideal way to give a relaxed atmosphere for the both young and old family members. The fun part is always there when you are spending days in any of the Perth farm stay near Perth.

The young folks love animals, birds, and butterflies. Staying at a farm may give them a chance to interact with animals like sheep , horses, and cows. They feel really excited while collecting eggs for their breakfast.

Discussed below are few things that you should keep in mind while going out for enjoying the surroundings of a particular Perth farm stay near Perth.


The Rustic Glampers is an area of 5 metre by 5 metre with a smaller annexe outside of the entry. The breakfast facility can be availed in the main diner and is continetal breakfast is included in accommodation. There are two Rustic Glampers on the waters edge.

Animals and Birds

There is no reason to avail Perth farm stay to spend holidays if there are no animals. This is the main attraction for the children and most elders find it soothing to pamper, sheep, hen and other birds.


If traveling by bus or car, just confirm your request when making a booking as Boshack can arrange travel for you. While coming by air, chose a Perth farm stay, which is at a minimum distance from the airport. Everything that you may need should be within reach, such as, supermarkets and medical facility. From airport we are about 6 turns to get to Boshack.

Boshack Outback Kids Friendly Farm Stay

Those who are taking their kids with them must go for a Boshack Outback kids friendly farm stay. This is necessary, as kids must be provided with such an environment where they can enjoy a lot. Moreover, they must be secured against any kind of unpleasant circumstances.

Small but functional kitchen

Cooking at Boshack is surely a great experience and you must look for a Perth farm stay facility, which provides a kitchen and necessary equipment.

Everyone loves BBQ and while relaxing in the countryside, making some grilled food is always on the menu. So, check out for all these facilities before reserving your cottage at any Perth farm stay location.

By following these tips, you can surely make your farm stay, a memorable one with respect to all your activities.

boshack outback perth farmstay

Plan Your Next Farm Stay in Perth

Living a day to day life is hard sometimes and you must take a break for restarting the life in a refreshed mood. Many find it absurd and to some extent impossible for a person to spare a moment in the present scenario.
We, on the other hand, do travel a lot especially in West Australia (W.A). Our group consists of 5 family members. This time we decided to head towards Perth for not less than 7 days stay.

You might have been thinking that we planned to go for a camping. No, my friend, you are wrong. Our basic intention was nothing but to enjoy Perth farm stay. This journey was simply unforgettable for the whole family.
The traveling towards the Perth was a breeze! Everything went out as we planned. After reaching there, we looked for any Perth farm stay near Perth. We were lucky to find one near historic Toodyay one of the oldest country towns in Western Australia and only 90 minutes drive on a very quiet country road.

This location is simply amazing and the best part is its scenic beauty. . Secondly, the supermarket is not so far (30-km away). Apart from this, the natural beauty of this landscape is simply stunning. This facility of Perth farm stay near Perth expands over an area of 150-acre property.

The fantasy of Perth farm stay and Boshack Farm Stay are country-styled and comfortable Rustic Glampers. All of them have exact rural settings next to a lake to give the feelong of peace and tranquility. The management of our accommodation provided us with free breakfast, which was delicious too.

Another plus point of this place is that it’s not so crowded as there are only 2 Rustic Glampers and 7 Safari tents. It means that you must reserve one for your trip before actually reaching there. The early bookings may start as early as 4 months.

As far as Accommodation is concerned, there are two categories.
• Rustic Glampers
• Safari Tents
The other facilities that you may enjoy are as under
– Outdoor sitting arrangement and covered area for beautiful view of nature in all its forms
– BBQ with gas-fired apparatus and all necessary equipment
– Feed the animals and birds while enjoying your Perth farm stay vacation
– Peaceful and secure environment
– Round the clock availability of fresh and safe water at Perth farm stay near Perth W.A

Boshack Outback – Kids Friendly Farm Stay

Those who are taking their kids with them must go for a Boshack Outback kids friendly farm stay near Perth. This is necessary, as kids must be provided with such an environment where they can enjoy a lot. Moreover, they must be secured against any kind of unpleasant circumstances.

Boshack Lake


Passed Thru Fire Experience

Boshack Outback was the first Australian venue to host Passed Thru Fire Experience. This is a Christ centred organisation which focuses on re-uniting of families through the hearts of Men, Fathers, Sons and Boys.

Passed Thru Fire originated in South Africa and the idea came from the book “The Passed Thru Fire Experience” written by Rick Bundshuh. Ric attended this first camp in Australia. The first event was hosted in a small community game farm in South Africa with 7 boys and 5 dads attending. Over the years it has grown to focus not only on Boys entering their teenage year but also those leaving school and young men discovering their place in the world as Men.

Recently Boshack Outback hosted a 3 day camp for fathers so they can bond with their sons. It is a time for the fathers to be removed from their normal lives, outside pressures and focus only on their relationship with their sons.

The boys learnt how to take care of themselves and how to survive in the world. Learnt simple tasks like changing a tyre. Teaching skills that will make him more effective in daily life and build confidence.

Animal husbandry was also another skill the boys mastered. Taking care of farm animals and learning about breeding. The boys also spent a night in the bush. If things should go wrong in the bush it is important to learn bush survival skills.

The boys also had a discussion about respect for girls and the vital role they play. Never forget that your reputation is part of your character, make yourself proud.

The bonding process was for 13-14 year old boys. The boys with their fathers were shown and given opportunities to take them past the step of being a child. Over the weekend there were lots of challenges for everyone to complete. Focusing on physical strength, mental strength and building trust.

It was a successful weekend with the fathers and sons bonding and we noticed a definite relationship improvement. The boys showed a lot of courage on the camp while they were completing the activities.

Boshack Outback was honoured to be the first people in Australia to host this event.

Father and Son


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Lake in Perth

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If you’re looking to go to some place that offers you a peaceful and serenity then there is no place better than Perth Farmstays. These are one of the best options to stay close to the nature during your trip. It takes you away from the city noises and hectic life, making your mind relaxed and peaceful. Here are a few reasons why people choose to stay in Farmstay near Perth! Read more

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Perth Farmstay- a must Staying Option during Perth’s Visit

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